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Beauty is out there

It seems like as we all move on, we stand still. Though the world and it’s veiws change, we don’t. We’re still. We move though. Our minds stay content, unchanged, still as could be. Yet we progress. We get brilliant through ideas and seeing the world and it’s many beauties. The beauties may be called ugly, but we all see beauty. Though we may not know it, it’s all around, hiding, scared, unknown of its awaiting various outcomes. It needs to come out, it is wanted by many. Searched by few. It’s out there. We just don’t know it.

Love isn’t actually there.

In all seriousness though, does love exsist? We’re told it does. Expected to believe in it. We’re told that once we progess we’ll understand love. That’s the problem. If we can see it, is it there? Is it actually there? Maybe we feel what we feel because of how we have heard about it. Waiting for it to please us and sooth us from the pain. Maybe it is there though. If it is, I don’t believe it. There’s no such thing as love as much as we believe in it. You may have feelings that aren’t actually threre. You want them to be. Especially when you want them the most. The moment. 

It happens. The towers build higher and higher until mentally, you’re “in love”. The tower falls. Along with any of the hopes and dreams you had with that “moment”. You become dazed and go in to shock even at the mere thought of it. Then you realize the moment was fake. It was never there. Love is not real.

Hello Again.

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